The Other Side of the Sky

It's Willow (the orcsey edition)

The group was making camp near a river when a strange washer woman run into camp being chased by a group of orcs and goblins and direwolves. The orcs would leave the group in peace if they gave then the woman. The group refused and was forced to kill the orcs. Once saved she woman told them a tale of a child prophesied to kill a vicious orcish warlord names Gral. Gral would hunt the child to it’s death and she begged that the group take her to a distant inn.

The inn was the headquarters for the resistance against Gral. While the group was being celebrated for saving the infant’s life More of Grals forces arrived to kill her at last. The group decided to burn down the inn to cover their quick escape. They took the child to Thrane, were they left the helpless child in the care of an abbey running an outreach program for war orphans.

The washer woman demanded to be taken back to her comrades at the inn to help them rebuild. When the group arrived they found Gral already there. He was helping rebuild the inn already and would hansomly reward the group if they delivered the child to him. They politely refused and were force to politely kill gral in self defense.



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