The Other Side of the Sky


The initial story. It started with all the characters getting arrested. Krypto and Toox were taken due to their striking resemblance to an adventuring group that was through town earlier and managed to nearly leave the plans of Prince Kolberkon in shambles. Lienna was imprisoned to keep her out of the way until her story could be verified. Tovar had a document pouch that was supposed to be on it’s way to House lysander. When the gaurds let slip that a pair of people were to be executed almost immidiately everyone decided that they have had enough local hospitality.

Toox created a distraction by caterwauling and carrying on. Leianna took advantage of their distraction and managed to pick the lock on her cell and Tovar’s. The distracted guards had very little chance to defend themselves from the southern hospitality that Tovar offered them. The stripped the guards to make a daring escape by pretending to be taken to their execution. They also stopped by the storage room to collect their gear including the strange document pouch.

While collecting their thoughts in an alley way Tovar opened the pouch curious about what he stole. It happens to have the deed to an Airship that was being constructed and outfitted in port. so taking advantage of the uniforms they had taken once again they went to the docks and pretended to be inspecting the boat for house lysander. They sweet talked the foreman into letting then take the airship on a short jaunt around the island. once airborne it became obvious that they were not going to be going back to port. The ensuing fight was very short and sweet. The players taking advantage of their height and throwing most of the enemies overboard.



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