Golaith from Sarlona who swears he's not a spy.


Name: Tovar (No surname given)
Gender: Male
Race: Goliath (insists he is a half-giant)
Height: Approximately 7.5 feet
Weight: About 300 pounds
Nationality: Sarlonan (suspected Riedran)
Religion: Possibly Sovereign Host (says he worships Banor the Bowhunter, likely another name for Balinor)
Profession: Unknown (presumed espionage operative)
Notes: Subject was apprehended wandering about a restricted area. Despite his prodigious size, he seemed to think that nobody would notice a strange foreigner. Subject was armed when taken into custody (weapon could charitably be called a maul, built for someone his size – arresting officers had difficulty handling the weapon). Insists he is from Sarlona, a place called the Tashana Tundra, from a people called the Icebinders, and is a half-giant, rather than the goliath he appears to be. Subject is suspected to be an intelligence asset from Riedra, working for Riedran power groups (seemingly called the Inspired). Remanded pending extensive interrogation and information gathering; trial not likely.

Achievements Earned
Let me tell you about my character 5pts
Paint me a picture 5pts
No Ticket 10pts
Up Close 5pts
Airborne 10pts
This always happens to me 10pts

Achievement points earned : 45pts


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