The Other Side of the Sky

It's Willow (the orcsey edition)

The group was making camp near a river when a strange washer woman run into camp being chased by a group of orcs and goblins and direwolves. The orcs would leave the group in peace if they gave then the woman. The group refused and was forced to kill the orcs. Once saved she woman told them a tale of a child prophesied to kill a vicious orcish warlord names Gral. Gral would hunt the child to it’s death and she begged that the group take her to a distant inn.

The inn was the headquarters for the resistance against Gral. While the group was being celebrated for saving the infant’s life More of Grals forces arrived to kill her at last. The group decided to burn down the inn to cover their quick escape. They took the child to Thrane, were they left the helpless child in the care of an abbey running an outreach program for war orphans.

The washer woman demanded to be taken back to her comrades at the inn to help them rebuild. When the group arrived they found Gral already there. He was helping rebuild the inn already and would hansomly reward the group if they delivered the child to him. They politely refused and were force to politely kill gral in self defense.

A Simple Job

The group got back to the main land to realize that their new airship really was brand new with no amenities, furnishing or provisions of any kind. They made a good show of trying to provide for themselves. They unfortunately had no way to make some of the finer goods they need.

The group went to Tantamar to try and drum up some quick money. They eventually found a job for the local lord Quinton Hargrave. He wanted the party to go get his son back from a group of bandits that had managed to kidnap him while he was learning the ropes of the family shipping business.

The group scoured the town looking for contacts to find the bandits that took the kid. They eventually found a crooked butcher that got them a meeting with the particular smugglers. The group faked a meeting with the Red Wing smugglers. They tried to have Krypto hide and sneak after them but got caught. Unfortunately the smugglers had a poor idea of being spied upon. The group fought the smugglers and managed to keep one of them alive for interrogation.

The group hung the poor sucker over the edge of the airship. He was not willing to risk getting thrown overboard to preserve his compatriot’s hideout. The group found out Thomas Hargrave had joined Red Wings to get away from his overbearing father and have some of the adventure that he craves. The group completely trashed the Red Wings, kidnapped the kid back and deposited him back with his father. The group did get their airship out fitted finally.


The initial story. It started with all the characters getting arrested. Krypto and Toox were taken due to their striking resemblance to an adventuring group that was through town earlier and managed to nearly leave the plans of Prince Kolberkon in shambles. Lienna was imprisoned to keep her out of the way until her story could be verified. Tovar had a document pouch that was supposed to be on it’s way to House lysander. When the gaurds let slip that a pair of people were to be executed almost immidiately everyone decided that they have had enough local hospitality.

Toox created a distraction by caterwauling and carrying on. Leianna took advantage of their distraction and managed to pick the lock on her cell and Tovar’s. The distracted guards had very little chance to defend themselves from the southern hospitality that Tovar offered them. The stripped the guards to make a daring escape by pretending to be taken to their execution. They also stopped by the storage room to collect their gear including the strange document pouch.

While collecting their thoughts in an alley way Tovar opened the pouch curious about what he stole. It happens to have the deed to an Airship that was being constructed and outfitted in port. so taking advantage of the uniforms they had taken once again they went to the docks and pretended to be inspecting the boat for house lysander. They sweet talked the foreman into letting then take the airship on a short jaunt around the island. once airborne it became obvious that they were not going to be going back to port. The ensuing fight was very short and sweet. The players taking advantage of their height and throwing most of the enemies overboard.

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