Player Achievements
Let me tell you about my character – make a character background for your character. 5pt
It’s not what you know…- suggested an NPC you would like to see used in the game. 5pt
Tell me a story – suggest a story line that lasts three stories or more 10pt
In the drivers seat – you GM for the group. 30pt
Paint me a picture – Give a good discription of your character. 5pt

Character Achievements
You may call me Tim – use ranged attacks to kill an enemy at range. 5pts
Up close – kill an enemy at close range 5pts
I get knocked down but I get up again – get knocked unconcious twice in one encounter and recovered both times. 20pt
Gratitious violence – deal 50 damage or more in one turn to one creature 10pt
Truely gratutious violence – deal 100 or more damage in one turn to one creature 20pt
Mass murder – kill 4 or more creatures in one attack 10pt
Tis but a scratch – bloodied 3 times in one encounter. 20pts
No ticket – throw an enemy from a lightning rail train or airship while it’s in motion 10pt
Airborne – aquire an airship 10pt
Got your nose – managed to steal from an enemy during combat 15pt
You are under my power – dominated an enemy and killed a second enemy. 15 pt
Drink your ovaltiine – ended an encounter with more hit points than you started with 10pt
X marks the spot – explore a ruin in xendric 10pt
Sitting duck – Spent 5 turns or more stunned 10pt
Broadside of a barn – miss with four attacks in a row 10pt
The only one – Kill a non-minion enemy of equal level in one turn when it has full hit points 20pt
Dumb luck – critically succeed at a skill you are untrained in 5pt
Dragon slayer – killed an adult or older dragon 15pt
Last man standing – the last member of the group not unconcious the end of an encounter 15pt
Thrifty – 10,000 gold 5pts
Rainy day – 100,000 gold 10pt
Dragon horde – 1,000,000 gold 20pt
This always happens to me – You burned down an Inn 10pt

Burning down the house – secret 10pt
The house my father built -secret 10pt
Dustbuster – secret 10pt
The man who knew to much – secret 10pts
I have a dream – secret 10pt
Silver bullet – secret 10pt
Put your lights out – secret 10pt
Double double toil and trouble – secret 10pt

Reward schedule
50 points get 1 reroll per game
100 points get a +2 to a skill
150 points force one enemy reroll
200 get a +1 to an ability

+200 add infintum


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